The range of targeted topics is very broad, but priority is given to subjects on real world applications in home, education, research and business. Based on this, the program committee is inviting proposals for paper presentations, demonstrations and poster contributions on any topic relevant to FOSS. These include but not limited to the following:

  • Migration and Adoption: Migration to FOSS , licensing and legal issues, and innovations.
  • Public Sector: FOSS in government and public sectors such as health, transport, and education
  • Safety and Security: Risks and solutions using FOSS
  • Business and Marketing: Local FOSS projects, products and support, challenges and opportunities
  • Best practices: Existing expertise and future demands of FOSS projects and products
  • Knowledge and Education: Creation, sharing and transferring knowledge, materials and tools
  • Applications and Algorithms: FOSS applications and algorithms (from consumer to enterprise).
  • Hardware and Platforms: IoT, embedded, mobile, high performance open platforms
  • Infrastructure and Cloud: FOSS hardware and software architectures, networks and storage
  • Collaborations and communities: Leadership and collaborations in FOSS projects
  • Localization: Language and regional support in open source software 


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