Academic Papers

Governing Public-Private Tensions of Open Source Software Communities in the Higher Education Sector                                       
Wisal Al Bulushi
Proposal for the Component-Based Integration Infrastructure in the Context of Moodle Environment as an E-Learning Open Source  
Yusra Al-Roshdi and Zuhoor Al-Khanjari
Evaluation of Open Source Software with QualiPSO OMM: a case for Bungeni and AT4AM for All                                                      
Kennedy Ndenga Malanga , Jean Mehat , Ivaylo Ganchev, John Wandeto  and Casper Shivachi Shikali 
Open-Source Linguistic Techniques for Knowledge Discovery Processing                                                                                      
Khaled Abdalgader, Mohamed S. Hajji
Augmented Reality for Tourism in Oman Using Free Open Source Software                                                                                 
Ahmed Al Maashri, Sara Al-Asadi, Muna Tageldin, Shurooq Al-Lawati, Ali Al Shidhani
Open Source Software for Arabic Citation Engine: Issues and Challenges                                                                                    
Saleh Alzeheimi, Akram M. Zeki, Adamu I Abubakar
System Quality Characteristics for Selected Mobile Platforms                                                                                                     
Ahood Al-Darmaki ,Nabeela Badursha ,Ibtisam Al Shibli ,Mohamed Sarrab
Open Source Software Support for Field Experiments of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks                                                                    
Shaima M. Shakeel, Osama M. H. Rehman, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, Hadj Bourdoucen
A review of CRC mechanisms and FOSS algorithms                                                                                                                  
Mahdi Amiri-Kordestani, Afaq Ahmed, Hadj Bourdoucen
About a FOSS for the Teaching of FORTRAN Programming Language Course                                                                               
Afaq Ahmad, Tariq Jamil, Saad Ahmad and Amer Arshad Abdulghani
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