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أوراق أكاديمية 2013 – مؤتمر البرمجيات الحرَة ومفتوحة المصدر عمان 2021

This page is about the conference 2013 and has been kept for archiving purpose.


Open Source Telco for the People


By Onno W. Purbo, STKIP Surya, Indonesia

Complementing Digital Logic Design with Logisim


By Samir A. Al-Busaidi, SQU, Oman

The Framework of the Smart Learning Infrastructure in South Korea Focus on Agriculture Education System


By Hyeog-In Kwon, Dae-Jin Kim, Gui-Jin Ryu , Ji-Hyun Kang, Jong-Seok Park and Hi-yeob Joo, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Open source software-a study on choice of linux by smb’s


By Venkateswaran Radhakrishnan, Salim Ali Salim Al Amri, Salalah College of Technology, Oman

FOSS to Enhance Mathematics Education


By , A Naseer Ahmed and M.Shalini, Nizwa College of Technology Oman, K.T.V.R Knowledge Park College of Engineering and Tech India

Using FOSS to Manage Resources in a University Language Centre


By James Scully, SQU, Oman

Software Testing Education, A Required Knowledge for Software Systems’ Developers and Managers.


By Afaq Ahmad, Dawood Al-Abri and Fahad Bait-Shiginah, SQU, Oman.

Impact of NS-2 as FOSS Simulation Tool for Research in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks


Osama M. Hussain Rehman, Hadj Bourdoucen and Mohamed Ould-Khaoua, SQU, Oman

An Overview of the Technical Challenges of Migration to Open Source Software


By Mohamed Sarrab, Mahmoud Elbasir, Laila Elgamel, SQU Oman, De Montfort University UK