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Conference – FOSSC Oman 2021

FOSS Conference :

The Free and Open Source Software Conference (FOSSC Oman) is jointly organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology (MoTC&IT) and the Communication and Information Research Center (CIRC) at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) , on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to support the national initiative on FOSS. It is a two days event and aims to promoting awareness and disseminating the use and development of free and open source software for professionals, staff, students, and the community in Oman.
The conference is scheduled for every two years. The previous events was on February 2013, 2015, 2017 and February 2019 and the main objective was always to promote the open source software. The next conference FOSSC-Oman 2021 will be on 22 and 23 February 2021  FOSSC-Oman targets ICT companies and professionals, researchers, faculties, staff and students and the broader FOSS community.
In harmony with the conference main theme, the organizing committee has invited a number of well-known experts who are actively involved in building careers, entrepreneurship and job creation, sustainability of open source communities, role and opportunities of FOSS in public administrations, open source for the public sector, scaling applications for global communities, business management, business information systems, e-collaboration, educational Management and other related subjects to talk in the event.
The FOSS conference is a good opportunity to discover, discuss and exchange ideas on FOSS in Oman and beyond. The event will also provide the opportunity to network different groups of FOSS users, benefit from insightful lectures delivered at the conference, and share mutual experiences and discuss potential implementations of FOSS.The organizing committee is inviting managers, and individuals who have passion, researchers, educators, students, and experts from companies, public and private organizations to share their successes in the vast array of free and open source software that is transforming information and communication technology across the globe.

Objectives of the FOSS Conference

  • Support the National Free and Open source Initiative.
  • Promote awareness, use, research and development of Free and Open Source Software in Oman and beyond.
  • Strengthen communities and enhance the opportunities on Open Source Software for the ICT Industry in Oman.
  • Provide an attractive and sustainable environment for networking FOSS users, researchers, developers and experts.
  • Share experiences and exchange successful FOSS developments and applications..

Conference Activities

FOSSC’2021-Oman exhibition showcases national and international open source solutions and products, In addition to the activities of Open Source Software Students Society (Fo3s), which is supervised by the Communication and Information Research Center (CIRC) at SQU and supported by MoTC&IT.

A number of workshops tailored with the needs of local communities were scheduled in parallel sessions with the conference which will be presented by FOSS experts from Industry and private and government sectors.

Meet & Greet Sessions:
Unique opportunity for a focused networking sessions.

Talk Shows:
Talk Shows with the experts on the current topics.

Conference Organizers

About MoTC&IT

The Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology (MoTC&IT) is a financially and administratively independent ministry established to lead the implementation of the e.oman initiative and bear its national vision and objectives. MoTC&IT is responsible for implementing national IT infrastructure projects and supervising all the projects related to implementing Digital Oman Strategy while providing professional leadership to various other eGovernance initiatives of the Sultanate. MoTC&IT works with a vision to transform the Sultanate of Oman into a sustainable Knowledge Society by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance government services, enrich businesses and empower individuals.
The FOSS Initiative was launched in March 2010 during the Free and Open Source Software Symposium in Muscat. The broad objective of Free and Open Source Software Initiative (FOSSI) is to encourage innovation, boost software development talent & skills and create the necessary resources and infrastructure to increase commercialization and industry adoption.

About SQU

Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), the National University of the Sultanate of Oman, provides a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, research and extension activities through its colleges and research centers. The first batch of SQU students were enrolled in 1986 and the University is playing the role of the national house of expertise, and shoulders the responsibility of providing advanced programs, based on knowledge gained from cutting-edge research of national strategic importance. In addition, SQU’s central focus is to develop student learning, promote research and enhance faculty and staff professional development. Sultan Qaboos University consists of nine colleges namely, the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences, Economics and Political Sciences, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, Nursing, and Science. These colleges have specific target plans which guide them in designing their programs in their areas of specializations. Each college is comprised of highly qualified faculty members who are actively involved in teaching, research and community service.
Postgraduate teaching and research are supported by well-equipped laboratories and libraries in various colleges. In addition, a number of research centers support the educational needs of postgraduate students. These are Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Center, Oil and Gas Research Center, Omani Studies Center, Water Research Center, Center for Environmental Studies and Research, Center of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology, Earthquake Monitoring Center, Humanities Research Center, Earth Sciences Research Center, Sustainable Energy Research Center, Nanotechnology Research Center, Medical Research Center, Innovation and Technology Transfer Center and Communication and Information Research Center (CIRC) which is the co-organizer of this event with MTC. The center’s mission is focused on contributing to research and consultancy in ICT, capacity building, setting R&D labs, organizing scientific events, building links with different research and industry units, and cooperating with academicians and researchers within and outside SQU. In 2010 the center jointly with MoTC&IT have established the first Free and Open Source Software Student Society (Fo3s). The aim of this society is to spread the concept and culture of free and open source on different events in the Sultanate of Oman.